Applied Deep Learning Bootcamp

Course Contents:

Dates: 19-21st April, 2019, TIME: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

Day – 1: Introduction to Deep Learning & Neural Networks

  • Setting Up Environment for Deep Learning: Keras, Tensorflow, Jupyter etc
  • TensorFlow basics and Keras Basics
  • Theoretical Foundations of Deep Learning, Deep Learning vs Machine Learning (>> Just quick revision)
  • Deep Learning history, biological inspirations and demo with MNIST dataset (handwriting digit recognition) to start with.
  • Understanding Neural Network, How neural networks learn, Architecture of Neural Networks (>> Just quick revision)
  • Activations Functions: Sigmoid, Tanh, Softmax, Softmax crossentropy, Sigmoid Crossentropy (>> Just quick revision with formulae and derivatives)
  • Designing & Optimizing Neural Network Model
  • Building Deep Models and Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Basic ANN Types: Dense Neural Networks, Convolution Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks

Day – 2: CNN Theory and Project

  • CNN: Deep-dive, Overfitting, Decaying Leaning, Dropout
  • CNN Project -  finding the presence of a certain class of object in images, or something similar
  • Object Detection Systems/Computer Vision: YOLO (You Look Only Once) 
  • Deep Learning Hacks
  • System/project level tricks and regularization strategies

Day – 3: RNN Theory & Projects

  • Recurrent Neural Networks: LSTM, GRU CELL
  • Modern RNN Architectures/ Frameworks: Embed-Encode-Attend-Predict Framework - Developed by Google
  • RNN Projects

Day – 3: Time series modelling

  • One Example from Time series modelling using LSTM and one example application of NLP (with basics of NLP).
  • One example of Transfer Learning

Hands-on Projects:

  1. House Price Prediction using Neural networks ANN
  2. Classifying Emergency and non-emergency using CNN
  3. Multiclass Classification using CNN
  4. Pre Trained Models using CNN
  5. Time series and sequence Generations using RNN
  6. Text Extraction from Image using Advanced deep learning.
  7. Identifying the emotions from Image
  8. Chatbot using rule-based learning and RNN
  9. Sentiment Analysis
  10. Text-classification 

LinkedIn Profiles of INSTRUCTORS: PRASHANT SAHUKamakshigari Suresh

Note: This boot camp will NOT discuss anything about the AutoEncoders and GANs, due to time constraints.

  • FEE: Rs. 2999/- for participants from Academics (full-time students, faculties). Rs. 4,999/- for ALL others.
  • Use Discount Code: EARLYBIRD to get flat 999/- discount immediately. Offer valid for 1st few registrations only. This offer can be withdrawn or modified any time. No disputes will be entertained.
  • Participation Certificate to all.
  • Attend ONLINE (as Zoom Meeting) or OFFLINE (at the venue).
  • Lecture recordings will be available for later viewing.
  • Participants are expected to bring their own laptops for the hands-on sessions.



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