1. Are the courses in LabVIEW, MATLAB, SIMULINK job-based courses, and whether do you provide any placement guarantee/assistance ?

These are NOT career-based courses and NO placement assistance/job guarantee will be provided. The candidates must understand that the industries which hire LabVIEW/MATLAB professionals must also have knowledge and experience in the core subject area, especially in which the company is associated with.

2.Will I get a certificate at the end of training?

Yes, all the candidates taking the training successfully will receive a training certificate from Tech Smart Systems, after the completion of the course. (Not from Mathworks or National Instruments). Please note that these courses are neither certified by Mathworks/National Instruments, not do they have any association with us.

3. Can the payment of the course fees be done at the end of the course?

NO. Full payment of the fees has to be done in advance or latest on the 1st day before the start of the training.

4. I know MATLAB Basics/Fundamentals (as we have done something in the college and/or I have used MATLAB in  my work environment). Can I directly take the MATLAB Advanced Course?

No. The MATLAB Advance Course that we have designed in Tech Smart Systems flows directly from the MATLAB Fundamentals, and it supplements it. No time is wasted in any revision of MATLAB Basics, and we directly start from the first topics which is 3D plots. Now, candidates who are not clear with plotting and 2D plots, they will not be able to comprehend anything. Similarly, Subfunctions and nested functions are thoroughly taken in MATLAB Fundamentals course, and no discussion will be done regarding them. We directly start with Function handles and inline functions.

5. Is knowledge of MATLAB required to learn SIMULINK?

Yes. Its better that you learn SIMULINK after the MATLAB Fundamentals course provided by us. Simulink is an add-on into the base MATLAB environment, and it provides a graphical interface to the standard MATLAB commands. So most of the SIMULINK block are running MATLAB commands in the back-end, so to understand the functionality of the SIMULINK blocks, and to create your own custom SIMULINK blocks, you definitely need to know MALTAB well, especially Callback Functions.

6. What all Toolboxes are covered in MATLAB Fundamentals Course/LabVIEW Training course ?

MATLAB Fundamentals Course/LabVIEW Training course DOES NOT cover any Toolbox/Toolkit/Modules/Blockset, as people from different backgrounds attend. These are not "application-specific" training. So, it is not possible to take any technical discussions regarding your area of interest or application. We take general programming tasks which are encountered during any kind of programming work-flow.

7. How many people do you take per batch for training?

Maximum strength will be 8-10 only.

8.Does this training have any hands-on practice into the actual software environment?

All these trainings are complete hands-on.


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