Full Stack Data Science Program

Program Details:

We are glad to announce our 4th Cohort of 9-MONTH Full-stack Data Science Masters Program, going to start from September month. 

This comprises of 60 lectures of 4-hour duration = 200+ hours of ONLINE LIVE Instructor-led training. The training will be almost entirely be done by Mr. Prashant Sahu (except for a few specialized topics, for which we will be calling some industry experts).

Classes start from 5th September onwards and will be conducted on Sat-Sun only (9 AM -1 PM). There will be a break of 1 weekend after every 4/5 week continuous classes. All long weekends, there will be a break.

The following modules will be covered:

1. Python for Data Science: Core Python, numpy, scipy, statsmodels, matplotlib, seaborn, cufflinks, pandas, etc..
2. Machine Learning in Python (sklearn to xgboost): including essential mathematics required for machine learning
3. Applied Deep Learning (incl Image Processing applications using OpenCV)
4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) (including Chatbots development and deployment)
5. Applied Statistics and Time Series Analysis
6. Deployment of ML & DL models on local and cloud: flask, Docker, Heroku, Azure, AWS (Sagemaker, EC2, S3, Rekognition, Comprehend, Lambda etc..)
7. Big Data Analytics: out-of-core learning using scikit-learn, Dask, Vaex, Spark SQL, ML using PySpark, Spark Streaming, Flume, Kafka, etc..

LinkedIn Profiles of the INSTRUCTORS: PRASHANT SAHU,

The training fee for the entire program is 50,000/- Rs. 10,000/- only (Early-Bird offer till August 23rd MIDNIGHT).  Alternatively, you can pay Rs. 1,999/- recurring for 6 months (that is Rs. 1,999 x 6 total) and participate in the program. *GST of 18% will be additionally applicable.

Group Discounts: Fee for 2 Participants is 16,000/- total, for 3 participants 21,000/- total, and for 4 participants Rs. 24,000/- total. GST additional. You will get this option in the Application Form below. Contact us in case you need more help.

All participants will get access to our new LMS, which will have all the class recordings immediately available, tutorials, tests, assignments, individual and group projects. The access will be valid until 1 year of the 1st lecture of the program. 

The program already includes 8 end-to-end projects, several tutorial sessions (hands-on), and mentor sessions. 

How to enroll for the Full Stack Data Science Program:

 If you are going to pay using "Indian Debit/Credit VISA/Master Cards" or UPI, Indian Bank accounts (NEFT/IMPS), GooglePAy or PhonePe, you can proceed with the following link. The registration form has 2 Pages: 1st page you enter your personal details, and in the second page you have all the above-mentioned payment options. You make a payment and DO NOT FORGET to mention the transaction number just before the SUBMIT Button. That's all. After successful form submission, you get an automatic confirmation email.

Overseas Audience: Please make sure you will be able to attend atleast 70-80% of the lectures LIVE ONLINE in the timezone you reside (all program time mentioned above is in IST). Then, if you can pay by any of the options above (Indian-Audience), you can proceed with the above details and the form. Or else, contact us and we will give you a custom link for payment using International Credit and Debit Cards (Visa/Master). Once the payment is made, use the above Application link (in red), for completing the registration.

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask.

Prashant Sahu.
B.Tech. NIT Rourkela, PhD @ IIT Bombay
WhatsApp: 8169 543 099

For inquiries contact: 8169543099 or training@techsmartsys.com