Introduction to Deep Learning

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UPDATE 1: Invited Talks:

A couple of invited talks from industry experts will precede the actual session. The purpose is to highlight the importance and applications of Machine Learning & Deep Learning in their respective industries/work profiles.

  1. Ms. Varsha Patekar (Confirmed), Manager at Thermax Ltd., Pune.
  2. Mr. Debashis Das (Confirmed), CEO at Bharati Robotic Systems, Pune.

Update 2: Due to phenomenal response, total registrations have already crossed 90. Registrations CLOSED. 


Machine Learning and Deep Learning is an entirely new paradigm of software development and automation which will soon make traditional software developers obsolete.
Imagine it as "The Terminator" coming for your job. 2016 was the year in which deep learning picked up traction and next few years will lay the foundation of a totally new industry called as "Data Science". 
This stream has wide application almost in every aspect of our life because our deep learning copies how our brain works. Anything which we can do, a sophisticated deep learning application should be able to do it much better.
Because this new field is just picking up traction, it is a great time to learn it to become pioneers in this field. There is a lot of need in the market but skillful resources are not available for it. 
We aim to make you ready for future of technology by equipping you with right knowledge and tools. 

Lecture Outline:

1. Introduction to Deep Learning
2. What is Neural Network
3. Deep Learning vs Machine Learning vs Traditional Software
4. Applications of Deep Learning
5. Practical Projects using Deep Learning
6. Introduction to libraries, Tensorflow, Keras, Theano

Who can attend this talk:

Students of any engineering stream (degree/diploma) who are at familiar with any Programming Language.

Workshop Details:

Learning how neural networks learn. You will develop in Python using Tensorflow or Keras.
Will learn Convolution Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks and newer architectures like Generative Adversarial Networks. This workshop will be a practical introduction to deep learning focusing on conceptual understanding.

What makes this Workshop unique.

This workshop will be a hands-on experience to get you started in Deep Learning and develop applications quickly. 

About the Instructor:

The Workshop instructor is a B. Tech. (2011) from College of Engineering Pune. He has worked for 2 Years as Software Developer at Morgan Stanley, Mumbai. Also he worked for 1 Year as Technical Lead at Alfa One Home Automation Startup. Curently he is Senior Data Analytics Consultant at Tech Smart Systems, and simultaneously pursuing his M.Tech in Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing.
Participation Certificate will be issued to all the participants.

Registration Details:

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Workshop Registration CLOSED.

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