MATLAB Programming: Advanced

Advanced MATLAB Course Details:

  1. 3-D Plots and special plots
  2. Handle Graphics Objects: get and set plot properties
  3. File I/O
    1. Opening and closing files
    2. Reading and writing text files
    3. Reading and writing binary files
  4. Advanced Programming Techniques
    1. Argument Handling in Functions
    2. Error Checking in Functions
    3. Types of Functions
      • Subfunctions
      • Nested Functions
      • Private Functions
      • Inline Functions
      • Anonymous Functions
    4. Function Handles
    5. Callback Functions
  5. Code Vectorisation and Memory Pre-allocation: MATLAB Profiler
  6. Errors, Debugging and Troubleshooting MATLAB codes
  7. MATLAB Search Path, Path Management and Startup
  8. Calculus in MATLAB: Numerical Integration and Differentiation
  9. Symbolic Mathematics –
    1. General Functions for Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus
    2. Polynomial Functions
    3. Calculus Differential and Integral Calculus
  10. Solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations - Initial Value and Boundary Value Problems
  11. Building Stand-alone Executables from MATLAB Code


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