Neural Networks for Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Hi Everyone, 

This time we'll talk about Neural Networks. Neural networks have been used on a variety of tasks, including computer visionspeech recognitionmachine translationsocial network, filtering, playing board and video games, medical diagnosis and in many other domains.

Neural Networks is the only method which can do both supervised (classifications & regression), as well as unsupervised learning (clustering). Also, it is the CORE of most Deep Learning Architectures (Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Deep Belief Networks etc..).

This talk is going to be mostly white-board "teaching". No coding hands-on. Please Do Not get your laptop. Please get a Scientific Calculator instead.


1. Formulation of a Neuron (Perceptron) 
2. Making the Neuron learn a simple "curve-fitting" problem 
3. Different types of activation functions 
4. Adding multiple neurons to a single layer 
5. Multiple Layer Artificial NN (ANN) 
6. Feed-forward and Feedback ANNs 
7. Applications to Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Instructor/Speaker: Prashant Sahu

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Seats Strictly LIMITED to 30 ONLY.


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