Open Source Software Development


Duration: 2.5-3 hours at the most.


The lecture which will cover following topics with hands on practise to make you comfortable using these tools.

- Open source software development to build your portfolio to help you get an better job.

- Test Driven Development

- Version Control for Project Development

Need for this lecture:

From 2nd year engineering students have learned programming languages, data structures, algorithms and they also do projects in group but they do not learn discipine of actual software development which is followed in industry. Even though student might be a very good coder, he is not ready to work as a software developer because of certain things missing from the curriculam. Curriculum is more focused on conceptual understanding and industry is more focused on software development under financial and time constraint. These constraints make actual software development very different from the way it happens in colleges.

To be ready for job or even be qualified for one, student should have a good software development experience beforehand. College Project does not count. But open source software development experience does. It counts as an experience. It helps sharpen coding skills, communication skills and improves your profile.

Who should take this lecture:

Any B.E./M.E./BCA/MCA/BSc/Diploma 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Computer/IT engineering or any other student interested in aspiring software development as career goal can take this lecture.


  • Any programming language's knowledge.

Learning outcomes:

  • You will be able to code better
  • You can contribute to open source software

Course Contents:

1. Improving Coding Skills


- Divide and Conquer approach to problem-solving

- Code Design

- Unit Testing & Mock Testing

- Test Driven Development

- Debugging & Reading Code

- Logging`

- Coding guidelines

- Code Quality

2. Doing Open Source Software Development


- Using Version Control for distributed development

- Doing Code Review

- Setting up Development Environment

- Real life software development, using divide & conquer approach

- Doing open source development

- Agile methodology for Software development using jira, bugs, issues

About the Instructor:

The Workshop instructor is a B. Tech. (2011) from College of Engineering Pune. He has worked for 2 Years as Software Developer at Morgan Stanley, Mumbai. Also he worked for 1 Year as Technical Lead at Alfa One Home Automation Startup. Curently he is Senior Data Analytics Consultant at Tech Smart Systems, and simultaneously pursuing his M.Tech in Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing.
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