Final Year Projects

We develop software and IEEE academic projects for Computer Science Engineering (BE COMP), Information Technology (BE IT).

Our major Domains are:
Cloud computing / Networking / Wireless Communications / Mobile Computing / Network Security/Secure & Dependable Computing / Data Mining / Knowledge and DataEngg./  Parallel & Distributed Systems / Information Security And many more.

We Also Provide Internship for Students on Weekend Basis for Learning New Technologies.

Implementation technologies in: 
JAVA/J2EE/ DOTNET / ANDROID / Hadoop / Linux / Python / Pearl / MongoDB / Oracle / MySQL / Unix / 

We provide Personalized services for Every project group.
We provide Live Projects on Cloud for students to learn and Present in college.
We Develop Customize projects, you can come with your IDEA.
Detailed Training is also Provided.
One to One classes for New Technologies are provided on Demand.

Some of the Projects we did last year:

1. Cyberbullying Detection on Twitter Network.

 2. Efficiently Detecting and Analyzing FAKE reviews using live data feed.

 3. Conflicts analysis of Smart City Services using Live Data.

 4. Water Heat Map for Maharashtra.

 5. Efficient Processing of Job by Enhancing Hadoop MapReduce Framework.

 6. Processing of Real Time Big Data for Job Classification using Cloud.

 7. Smart City Emergency Services Response System.

 8. AutoScaling in Containers using Docker.

 9. Analysis of Crime Data using Live Feed.

 10. Market Value Prediction using External factors live data over Internet.

 11. Live DDoS Detection with Hadoop - Cluster Security.

 12. SQL Injection Detection Controller for MVC Applications.

 13. Analyzing Hadoop power consumption and impact on application QoS.

 14. Research of Integrated Algorithm for Fake Reviews.

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