Raspberry Pi with Internet of Things


About the workshop

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. IOT is one of the world's most emerging and fastest growing technology, and have many possibilities as well as opportunities. Any technology available right now can be merged with IOT. This workshop mainly focuses on the budding engineers who are eager to learn IoT basics using Raspberry Pi with practical hands on sessions.

Prospective participants

Graduate and Post graduate scholars of various engineering and science streams who are ready to learn this powerful tools and want to get upgrade themselves with world’s most leading ‘technology Internet of Things’.

Course Contents (Duration 6 hours)

Session 1: (Rpi, Python)

  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Hardware and interfacing
  • Embedded Linux Basics
  • Preparing SD card Installing Raspbians 
  • Getting Familiar with the GPIO’s
  • Remote Computing Using Raspberry Pi
  • Python Basics

Project to be covered with hands on
•LED Running Lights.
•Buttons, Sensors Buzzer, UART interfacing.

Session 2: IoT with RPI

  • IoT architectures, protocols, and algorithms
  • IoT Techniques
  • IoT and Webservers 
  • Data management in IoT
  • Localization in IoT
  • Demo on IOT tools

Projects covered with hands on: 
Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi

Each participant will be awarded Participation Certificate from Tech Smart Systems.


Registration Fee: 

 If you are bringing your own kit Or want us to provide kit for training only (Non-Takeaway)

Single Student Entry: Rs. 1000/- (for 1 person)

Group Offer: Rs. 2500/- for 3 people

In this case, the provided kit has to be retiurned back to us undamaged at the end of the hands-on session. 


The Take-away kit consists of the following:

  • Raspberry Pi model 3 board (1 GB)
  • 8GB SD Card with Debian OS image
  • USB micro cable (for power)


In case you want to purcahse the kit (or keep the ket for yourself) at the end on the hands-on session, you will have to pay additional Rs. 3,500/- for the kit only.

Single Student Entry Fees WITH single kit:
One Raspberry Pi Kit + 1 days training for one participant: 3500 + 1000 = INR. 4500/-
Group Offer:
One Raspberry Pi Kit + 1 days training for Three participants: 3500 + 2500 = INR. 6000/-


 Please READ the following instructions carefully before proceeding for the registration.

  1. Before you proceed for the registration, please make sure you have already paid the registration fees either online or cash. In either case, please keep the bank transaction code ready with you. You will be required to fill up this information in the registration page itself.
  2. Please enter your details in the registration form given below. The password will be used ONLY to access the content in this website only.
  3. Do not prefix 0 before the mobile number below. 
  4. Once the registration is complete, please check your email box for the confirmation link. Only then the registration process will be complete.
  5. The login page link will be sent to your registered email address by this week-end. This will have some additional study materials which will be required during the workshop.
  6. In case you are registering as a group of 3 students, then ALL the students must register individually, so as to get the participation certificates. However, all 3 of you will have to use the SAME transaction ID in the last field.
  7. Everyone will get a fee receipt on the day of the workshop.
  8. Everyone who registers on or before 20th January midnight 12 PM, will receive printed certificates. Others who are registering late, will get a certificate with names hand-written.


For any queries Contact:  +91-907 502 2721, +91-988 171 9501;
Email: training@techsmartsys.com


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