1st National Workshop on Advanced Image Processing

Dates to be finalised. Watch out this space for updates.


This highly-ambitious workshop on Advanced Image Processing will be the first workshop of its kind to be organized ever in India, and will take image processing beyond the concepts mentioned in conventional image processing texts. This workshop is more intended on imparting thorough knowledge of the various important image processing algorithms, their mathematical background and hands-on application of these image processing algorithms. The lectures will be delivered by expert MATLAB Image and Video Processing developers from the industry, so that the participants have a first-hand knowledge about the industrial applications also. The lectures will be delivered along with working MATLAB codes.

This workshop does not include any discussion about Video signal processing, Wavelet Transforms, Image morphology and image registration techniques.

Note: This workshop on Advanced Image processing will be preceded by an optional workshop on Numerical Computing in MATLAB course, which will be the prerequisite for “understanding” the Advanced Image Processing Workshop. It is the responsibility of the ascertain about the knowledge of MATLAB as mentioned in the Numerical Computing in MATLAB Course.

Workshop on Advanced Image Processing - Course Contents:

Day-1: Image Processing Fundamentals in MATLAB

- includes the mathematical discussions on Canny, Sobel, Prewitts filters etc and Hough Transforms.

Day-2 & 3: Mathematical Algorithms and Apllications

- Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
- K-Means Clustering
- Mean Shift Algorithm
- Singular Value Decomposition
- Heuristic distribution based segmentation
- Fuzzy Logic

Application Areas:

- Face Recognition
- Handwriting / Character Recognition
- Feature Extraction
- Clustering and Segmentation
- Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)


Type of Participant Numerical Computing in MATLAB Advanced Image Processing Both
For B.E. Students 6000 5000 10000
For Masters Students and Teaching Faculty from Colleges 6000 10000 14000
Govt. Lab/Industry Participants (Self Sponsored) 6000 10000 15000
Govt. Lab/Industry Participants (Company Sponsored)* 15000 25000 35000



  1. A Discount of Rs. 1,000/- on all the above fees will be provided if the participant brings his/her own laptop for the entire duration of the workshop. Charging points will be provided.
  2. The actual/final fees payable will be the fees mentioned above along with the 10.3% Service Tax.
  3. Fees to be paid only by Demand Draft in favor of “Tech Smart Systems”, payable at Pune. No cash or Cheques will be accepted.

* Company-Sponsored means the Workshop Registration fees will be paid by the company/lab/institute directly to us. We will do the required paper work correspondence with your HR & Accounts for the same.