SIMULINK Fundamentals

The main topics which are discussed in this course are:

  • Introduction to SIMULINK Environment
  • Creating and  Simulating a Model
  • Accessing Model Workspaces
  • Simulink Library Browser
  • Overview of Simulink Solver
  • Modeling Programming Constructs
  • Using Callbacks in Models
  • Modeling Discrete Systems
  • Modeling Continuous Systems
  • Fundamentals of Solver Selection in Simulink
  • Hierarchical and Modular Model Development
  • Modeling Conditionally Executed Algorithms
  • Creating Custom Simulink Libraries
  • Accessing Model Parameters from MATLAB

Duration of the course: 5 Classes (each 3-hour duration)

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Benefits of learning MATLAB and LabVIEW: Benefits of Learning MATLAB and LabVIEW: This page outlines the advantages and applications of learning MATLAB and LabVIEW in different branches of Engineering. Students are strongly reccommended to go through this page before registration.

About the Instructors

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